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Mains Connected Toilet Trailers


If mains drainage is available at your location then we can provide our mains trailer which can be plumbed straight into your existing facilities - removing the need to have the unit serviced during the term of hire.

It also requires a mains water supply and a small power supply for the hot water heaters and lights. They have proved extremely popular over the years and are always in demand throughout the summer from a variety of customers where they have events that are on for longer than a day and have the facilities to be able to plumb then into the mains.

The units are split into two halves or can be opened up into single sex units via a central door way, the ladies has three porcelain WC’s and two hand wash basins. The gents side has three or four urinals, two porcelain WC’s and two hand wash basins.

We have two sizes, so depending on your type of event and expected number of guests we can advise what mix of units will be most beneficially and cost effective.

Hallmark also offer a full event support package to provide full or partial on-site servicing, each package can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Mains Connected Toilet Feature List

• High standard finish throughout the unit

• Does not require gully empty

• Access steps with handrails

• Hot running water (subject to 240v supply)

Available Toilet Configurations

• Standard 3+2+4 Urinals

• Standard 3+2+3 Urinals

For advice on the best units for your needs or to check availability of disabled toilets for the date you require please call us on 01842 861 070.

You can also get more details by email

or find out more on the link below.

Mains Connected Toilets


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