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Demountable Toilets



These NEW toilet blocks are configured the same as the proven Jack Leg Toilet Cabins but a lighter weight version which will not need to be connected to water or electricity and boasts twice the capacity of luxury trailers.


We have removed the need for steps which eliminates the risks associated with them and makes the toilets more accessible to the less abled.


All of the doors on the outside will eliminate the funnel effect that you get with trailers (where one door services three or four cubicles). This means much better crowd control particularly at peak times enabling the crowds to access and disperse much quicker - reducing queues.


These units are able to offer something that is a little more up market than a single chemical toilet but for not much more cost. These pods are suitable for events at venues that don’t support mains drainage or water supply services.


The lightweight delivery system via four wheel drive irradiates the need for forklift trucks, heavy lifting gear or cranes.


We have two sizes, so depending on your type of event and expected number of guests we can advise what mix of units will be most beneficially and cost effective.


LED lights are fitted and provide an energy efficient and useful solution for lighting where power is available.


Hallmark offer a range of tailored support packages to provide on-site servicing, please ask for details.


Demountable Toilet Block Features


 • Contemporary and clean appearance

 • No steps

 • Efficient crowd control

 • Large capacity tanks

 • Completely self-contained

 • Does not require mains, water or power

Available Configurations


 • 6 Bay Block

 • 4 Bay + 9 Urinal Block

 • Disabled Block

For further information and to

check availability call 01842 861 070

or email us here.

Demountable Toilet Range


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