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Covid-19 • Protection & Preparedness


There has been an urgent realisation that the pandemic requires everybody's effort to reduce impact and risk to health and keep cleanliness at a constant high standard.


To this end, Hallmark have a range of temporary and portable equipment that include the following hand sanitiser stands, field sinks, hand wash stations, toilets, showers and waste tanks available on hire on a *NEXT DAY BASIS.


Hallmark also offer a support package to provide full or partial on-site servicing.  We have stocks of hand sanitiser and toilet rolls which can be supplied as part of the package. All services can be tailored to meet individual needs.



Temporary Equipment Available:


Field Sinks

Self-Contained Sinks

Waste Tanks

Hand Sanitiser Stations

Emergency Shower Units



Waste Removal

*Provided we have stock availability and our delivery schedule is not full we aim to deliver NEXT DAY, especially for those requiring units as a public service.

Please call urgently as supply is limited:

01842 861 070

Hand sanitation stations are a highly visible way to remind public to clean their hands, protect themselves and others and make it clear that a body or organisation is "doing its part".  Ideal for:

› District & County Councils

› Towns & Shopping Centres

› Transport & Transit Areas

› Locations Between Facilities

› Point of Entry to Buildings

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