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Hallmark Event Hire Health and Safety

Policy Statement


The company recognises its duty to ensure, so far as it is reasonably practical,

the health and safety of the company’s employees, and others that may be affected by its actions.


The company requires employees at all levels to exercise a duty of care and co-operate

in establishing and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions. They should avoid

any action that may be detrimental to the health and safety of themselves,

and of people around them.


The company policy is to comply with legal safety and health requirements

as a minimum standard, and with relevant codes of practice.


Each individual director, manager and supervisor is expected to take care

of the health and safety of employees within his/her control.


All policy statements will be regularly reviewed and revised as necessary,

with any revisions brought to the attention of the employees.


The company will provide competent technical advice on health and safety matters,

and assist line managers in their task of ensuring healthy and safe conditions at the workplace.


The company will seek to ensure that all buildings, vehicles, plant and equipment

are well maintained and meet with the health and safety standards.


The company will provide safety training and encourage awareness of safety among all employees.


The company will adopt a planned approach to the management of health ands safety. This will include:


 • Specific risk assessments carried out for each project undertaken in order to identify risks.


 • Identification of protective and preventative measures to control identified risks.


 • Introduction of these preventative measures to control the risks.


 • Monitoring on an ongoing basis, the operation of the

   preventative measures to control the risks.



Management and Staff Responsibilities


The company safety officer is: Mr Darran Gray


The company safety officer is in overall control of the management of safety

throughout the company, and will ensure the company health and safety policy

is implemented.


The company safety supervisor is – Mr. Darran Gray


The company supervisor is in control of the day-to-day management of safety matters, including:


Carrying out company premises and workplace safety surveys.


Investigating and reporting to the company safety officer, any accidents or “near misses”

that have occurred in the company premises or at the workplace.


Ensuring any accidents are entered in the company accident book, and if necessary

forwarding the accident details to the appropriate authorities.


Ensuring the staff follow the companies health and safety policy.


To ensure first aid facilities are in place.


To ensure routine inspection of instrument and plant is carried out and recorded.



Staff Responsibilities


It is the responsibility of all staff to adhere to the company’s safety policy including:


To co-operate with managers and supervisors to achieve a safe

and healthy working environment.


To follow the company’s safety instructions, third party safety instructions, or permits

to work that have been issued to you.


To take care whilst working, to avoid injury to themselves and others in the workplace.


To report any accidents or dangerous occurrences to their supervisor immediately.


Health & Safety Policy Statement


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